The Reason Why Aids Is Such A Sensitive Issue Is Because

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The reason why AIDS is such a sensitive issue is because it touches on so many different aspects of conscience and morality. Different moral dilemmas present themselves in different cultures and nations. AIDS is a disease which thrives on poverty, and spreads fastest in the poorest nations with the least health or education infrastructure. That means scarce medical resources to treat huge numbers of people, or to prevent further spread. And it also means we must take a holistic view of AIDS - seeing AIDS as a development issue, not just a health issue. For example, what 's the point of educating a young girl about HIV if she is an orphan of civil war and can only stay alive by selling her body to soldiers for sexual favors? If you want to…show more content…
States are required to adopt this policy or its "equivalent." Because the government has taken a flexible view on "equivalency," there is wide variation in state law and not all states require disclosure of HIV infection by health care workers. Those who favor the federal policy argue that disclosure of health care worker HIV infection is necessary to meet the obligation of informed consent. They also argue that the health care workers ' obligations to act in patients ' best interests also mandate disclosure of HIV infection and, in some cases, restrictions on clinical activities. Those who are against the federal policy argue that such disclosure or restrictions are inappropriate because they violate health care workers ' privacy and because the risks to health care workers, for example from discrimination, far outweigh the benefits to patients, given that the risk of infection from a seropositive health care worker is very small. Some have suggested that the federal policy should be revised in light of the data demonstrating that the risks of transmission in the health care setting are exceedingly low. In a professional manner I think that Physicians should encourage the involvement of support networks to assist patients in adhering to ART regimens.
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