The Reason Why Minorities Are Often Suspected First Of Doing Violent Crime

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The following paper will try to discover the reason why minorities are often suspected first of doing violent crime, instead of their counterparts. A general reason why trying to understand this phenomenon is important is for the consequences it brings. When an individual, in this case minorities, are suspected of doing violent crime, they are more often targeted more than usual. This leads to mostly minorities being in prison, and in most states, they are not allowed to vote. This is crucial for the political science field, since they use data from voting to try to understand voter’s behavior to explain how and why decisions were made by public officials, and the constituency. If majority of minorities are not allowed to vote, they are…show more content…
My research question would be “Why is there a huge perception that minorities are the main perpetrators of violent crime?
The hypothesis for this research question would be “If a person is of color, and recognized as a minority, they are more likely to be arrested for violent crimes than a white person.” I expect that this hypothesis will be proven true because of the framing effects of the media, and the stereotypes that minorities face. It also seems like this is a plausible relationship, especially in the current climate. With protests about the police, the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been racial tension throughout the United States. For example, an analysis by the American Civil Liberties Union indicated that “Minneapolis police officers made nearly 100,000 non-felony arrests between Jan. 1, 2012, and Sept. 30, 2014… African Americans and Native Americans were arrested at rates nearly nine times higher than the rate for whites.” It’s important to note that these are non-felony arrests in one city in the United States. So, it is reasonable to consider, due to the racial disparities, that actual felony arrests rates are even higher. In fact, “African Americans make up less than 19 percent of the city 's population, and Native Americans just 2 percent… The arrest numbers don 't include separate categories for Asians and Hispanics” (Williams, Brandt).
There will be two quantitative measures that will be used for this
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