The Reason Why Women 's Earnings

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All difference in our social life are accrued for a reason. Believed or not, in order to balance the measurements in life, some people have to be poor and others have to be rich. Some people think of that as their destiny and they don’t try to change it, others think of it as a way to get what they want by work harder. This situation are most likely to continue as the life continue. In this article the authors ' discus the reason why women’s earnings in midlife in terms of family background, kind of schooling, work experience and childbearing, considering different measures for each aspect, and whether these aspects effected females outcomes positively or negatively. According to The NSHD (a British national birth cohort study) that sampled women and men observed since their birth (after the Second World War), the article discusses what effects women’s earnings in midlife in terms of family background, as first reason. The family background which effect women and was measured at that time base on the father social class, the family size, birth order of the member, the kind and quality of parent education, also the encouragement coming from the Parent for their daughter’s regarding her education and loss of parent causing by death or divorce.
Second reason that effect women in that period is kind of schooling. There were an early education achievement which was measured the non –verbal intelligence by test, in this test the child were report by the teacher when
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