The Reason for High Gas Prices

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One night, I was surfing the internet when I came across a picture showing a gas station with the gas prices on a sign sitting in front of it. The gas sign said that the price for regular was "an arm", the price for plus was "a leg" and the price for premium was a "first born". As I marveled over what Photoshop can do, I began to think about these high gas prices and what is causing them. Everyone talks about, complains about, and jokes about the high gas prices, but no one does anything about them. Many people told me what they thought was causing the high gas prices, but I was always wondering what really is causing them. Is it corporate greed or is it supply and demand? It is actually a combination of both corporate greed and…show more content…
I don 't have anything against environmentalists, but sometimes I think they go overboard. It seems like they care more about two animals on a wildlife acre then they do about the American economy that helps employ hundreds of people, however, I don 't think more drilling would really solve the problem. An article in Time magazine stated that, "Refinery capacity is not the major driver of higher gas prices. The greater shortage is in the oil itself. Gas prices have been rising along with the price of crude. If gas prices were climbing while crude oil 's remained flat, that would tell you there was a bottleneck pushing up prices. That hasn 't been the case" ("Why Gas Won 't"). So while drilling more would help, it would not solve the problem and might end up creating more problems like pollution. According to CQ Researcher, refineries release many toxic particles into the air which can cause many people to get sick (Cooper "Air Pollution"). More refineries will cause the air to become more polluted. Many people think that it is corporate greed and that putting a cap on gas prices would solve the problem. Remember the 1970s, when people had to wait in long lines for gas? The reason for that was because many places didn 't have any gas to sell. Gas companies stopped selling gas to them because the gas companies couldn 't make a profit. They couldn 't make a profit because there was a cap on gas prices. Learn from

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