The Reason for the Existence of Ammendments to the US Constitution

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This fame comes because it was the first of its kind; a special document that is so much more than just ink on paper. Many have tried to imitate and emulate it, with varying degrees of success. In the vast and lengthy span of human history, the United States Constitution is truly something remarkable. A new age of government and democracy was born from the creation of this document. Never before had the world seen a form of governing so complex yet affording so many freedoms. Empires such as Rome and England had tried to accomplish what the Americans did, but it always remained out of their grasp.
The American Constitution was never intended to become what it has. When the founding fathers met to change and reconstruct the Articles of Confederation, they never assumed that they would be creating an entirely new constitution and system of government. What they created in the end would be the concrete foundation for one of the most powerful countries in human history. For the past 225 years, the Constitution has been the supreme law of the United States, guaranteeing democracy and freedom for generations of people. Incredibly, the foundations and ideals of the Constitution have remained largely intact throughout that time, with only twenty-seven changes (amendments) being made during its lifetime.
The simple and straightforward purpose of the United States Constitution was to create a new system…

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