The Reasons And Causes Of The American Civil War

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Jazmyn Vonner Kilker CUSH Dec. 6 2017 Civil War The bloodiest war on American soil had a lengthy list of causes. This issue of slavery was incredibly prominent in the 1850’s and was beginning to divide the country. Several of these problems worsened the relationship between the North and South and directly led to the Civil War. The Fugitive Slave Acts were laws that allowed the recapture and return of slaves in the United States. The first act, in 1793, accredited regional governments to catch and return the escaped slaves to their owners and appointed penalties on anyone who aided the escape. During this time, the North and the South were in an intense debate over the subject of slavery and it was driving a wedge in between the young states. This law was very similar to the Fugitive Slave Clause, but this act went into more detail on how the law was to be exercised. Once caught, the slave owner had to bring the slave in front of a judge and prove to them that they were, in fact, their property. If court officials were fulfilled, then the owner would be granted the custody of the slave and return them to the home state. This law also appointed a $500 fine on anyone caught protecting escaped slaves. The Northerners did not approve this law at all and many argued that it was legalizing kidnapping. Some abolitionists arranged safe houses to assist slaves to their escape to the northern states. The extensive opposition and unenforced nature of this law led to the passing of
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