The Reasons Behind America Joining World War I

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Between the years of 1894 and 1914, America’s investments overseas have increased five-fold; however, German U-boats and the Great Britain’s naval blockade threaten our foreign interests. Thus, the United States must join the Allies in The Great War and defend our country, her interests and her allies overseas in Europe. In this paper the reader will be introduced to the pros and cons of America joining the fight against the Central Powers, and why it is essential that the country put up a strong fight against the enemy and become involved with the war. Of the advantages of America joining the world war, one of them is protecting our investments and interests overseas. If we choose to remain neutral those investments remain under the risk of being destroyed by German U-boats, who sink all ships that sail toward Europe without warning, cutting off our trade with Britain and other European countries. For business minded Americans, this threat cannot continue to go unchallenged. Already the Germans have broken the Sussex Pledge and three American ships have been sunk by their torpedoes; by joining the war America can protect our overseas investments while gaining a stronghold that can lead to American dominance in the world. American involvement in the war can ensure the rest of the world will hear a strong message; the United States will not hesitate to take action. Through this our country can prove that we are more than a new fledgling land but a full-fledged country
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