The Reasons Behind Self Segregation

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Self-segregation is defined as the conscious decision to form groups and services separate from society based on gender, income generated, religion or ethnic groups (2014). While segregation in history may have been due to political or economics exploitation, research is showing that different communities are segregating certain aspects of their livelihood to achieve their own comfort zones or purposes. Segregation, while conjuring a negative stigma of social inequalities, may have evolved over time to be beneficial to certain family groups and structures. This research will look into details some of the advantages and disadvantages of modern day self-segregation trends. Taking into consideration the historical perspective as well as the diverse family structures, this research will also look into why the groups choose to self-segregate rather than blend in with the larger society.
Segregation in History
To fully comprehend the reasons behind self-segregation it is important to understand segregation and how it might have led to groups deciding to self-segregate. Historically, segregation has and continues to be a reason resulting in self segregation. Discrimination has long exist in our society, and in societies all around the world. Historical speaking, people who are not described as ideal, have been discriminated for many years.
One such situation seen in the past, involves black people were kept as slaves in Canada and in the United States of America.
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