The Reasons Behind the Difficulties of Bringing Peace to the Middle East

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The Reasons Behind the Difficulties of Bringing Peace to the Middle East

A major source of conflict in the Middle East during the last fifty years has been the dispute between Arabs and Jews over Palestine. For hundreds of years, the great majority of the people living in Palestine were Arabs. But at the end of the nineteenth century some Jews in Europe were becoming increasingly bitter about growing anti-Semitism. They started to talk about setting up a state of their own where they would be free from persecution. They chose Palestine because it was there birthplace of the Jews religion.

Small numbers of these Jews, who were called Zionists, began to emigrate from Europe to Palestine. By 1914
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Apart from the holy shrines and places of worship, the Arabs and Israelis are fighting over living space. Since the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, Arabs have waged many wars on the new territory. In every one of those wars, the Arabs lost or signed an armistice, sometimes even losing more of their territory to the Israeli. Unfortunately because of all this, it is hard to imagine that there were be a lasting peace between the Arab and Jew in the foresee.

The Muslims the "Al-Sakhra", or "The rock", is precious and holy as it is regarded as the departure point for the prophet' s Muhammad's night journey, while for many Jews and Christians it is likely site of Abraham sacrifice and of the holy of holies of the Jewish temple.

In the time of Jesus first century Ad Palestine was ruled by the Romans. In AD 70 and again in AD 135 the Jews rebelled against their Roman rulers. Roman soldiers crushed both revolt, destroyed the city of Jerusalem and expelled the Jews. Many thousands fled to neighbouring countries and over the next 200 years they settled in almost every part of the Roman Empire. Many became merchants, sand farmers, bankers and crafts men.

Almost all Europeans were Christians and
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