The Reasons For Becoming Vegetarian

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When asked what being vegetarian meant to me in the past, my thoughts depicted leaf eating hippies protesting for PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). Over the years I’ve become more open minded, and increased my education on the definition of a true vegetarian. A vegetarian is defined as an individual who excludes meat and sometimes other animal products from their everyday diet. The reasons for becoming vegetarian vary. Reasons may be health, moral, or environmentally related. Some may choose to adopt the diet later in life; others may be born into it and carry it on throughout their lifetime. I consider my own diet semi- or flexitarian, meaning I choose to limit my meat consumption to four or less times a week. My decision is based on the healthier eating aspect and my own care for animals. The reason I chose this topic was to increase my knowledge of the healthy lifestyle I call my own, and hopefully influence others to limit their meat consumption as well. I believe a more plant-based diet would benefit everyone’s well-being, generally promote a healthier lifestyle, and reduce the amount of animals being raised and slaughtered. Vegetarianism is not a newly developed concept; the plant-based way of eating has been around a very long time.

Reasons For and Against Vegetarianism: Why a vegetarian diet is superior
I would like to discuss some of the articles I researched to gain a better understanding of the health and moral aspects, as well as discuss the

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