The Reasons For Marrying Enter The Union With The Motivation

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Individuals who make the conscious decision to marry enter the union with the motivation to share their lives together based on a relationship founded in love and companionship, but also the practical aspects of survival, protection, and perhaps the expectation of children. When a couple experiences high levels of commitment towards one another, both partners feel safe and devote efforts to ensure the marriage will succeed; however, there are factors that may contribute to the dissolution of a marriage and lead to the possibility of divorce (McGoldrick, Carter, & Garcia-Preto, 2011). According to Carson & Casado, difficulties faced by couples can include: “infidelity, domestic violence, addictions, obsessive-compulsive behavior, personal…show more content…
According to Furstenberg (1994), divorce rates in the United States were historically low until the latter decades of the 19th-century. After the Civil War, divorce rates rose steadily over time from approximately 5% to an estimated 36% of marriages ending in divorce in 1964 (Furstenberg, 1994). Further, Furstenberg (1994) suggest rates of divorce fluctuated over this period of time according to economic trends and instances of war; however, rates dramatically increased after the mid-1960s and reflected changes in social trends including, but not limited to: increased sexual freedom, birth rates, education levels, cohabitation trends, and changes in gender roles and labor force trends (Furstenberg, 1994). Further, the context of the American cultural environment of individualism, self-actualization, and personal freedom served to underscore the prevalence of divorce rates over the course of the subsequent sixty years to the present (McGoldrick et al., 2011). When either or both partners believes their needs are not being met or they no longer feel love for one another, Joanning & Keoughan (2006) suggest that one or both partners begins a process of three stages, each one working progressively toward uncoupling and divorce.
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