The Reasons For The American Revolution

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Although the outcomes of the American Revolution only affected rich, white landowners at the time, it unknowingly provided the stepping stones that will later create equality and liberty for all people in the United States. This historic revolution provided a representative democracy in which future generations may pass or amend laws based on the people’s needs; a radical thought at the time. Other countries since then, such as France and Haiti, have followed the footsteps provided by America in creating their own representative democracy which has historical significance that a revolution that oppressed women and slaves in 1781 can influence other countries to become independent.
The main reason for the American Revolution was to abolish tyranny, oppression and create a representative democracy which can be altered or abolished if deemed necessary by the people. Great Britain’s self-interests in land, resources and revenue negatively affected the colonists through unnecessary wars, laws, and taxes. The Seven Years’ War between Britain and France for land claims laid the groundwork for conflict in the colonies due to the immense debt and taxes it brought afterward. As stated in Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, the sole purpose of government is to protect life, liberty, and happiness and should be judged based on whether it accomplishes that goal. The King of Great Britain had failed to do so, according to Thomas Paine and many others. Although many colonists wanted to reconcile
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