Essay about The Reasons Hitler Became Chancellor

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The Reasons Hitler Became Chancellor

After over ten years of trying, in 1933 Hitler and the Nazis had almost fulfilled their goal to hold all power in Germany. The Nazis were by far the most powerful party in the Reichstag holding the most seats, and Hitler being made Chancellor, but it wasn't that simple, in fact it was very complicated. There were several big contributors to Hitler becoming Chancellor.

The Great Depression, one the worst times for Germany, and countries across the world. Germany was the worst hit country because America had to recall it's big loans it had given Germany as they could no longer afford it, this meant Germany could not afford to reparations to the allies.
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This gave the Nazis ideas to base their propaganda around the Weimar's weaknesses, which proved to be very popular with the working class and unemployed.

The Nazi tactics was one of their strong points that proved to become very successful, although they had a very radical change after the Munich Putsch. Hitler decided they were going to win fair and square through voting instead of using force. Their main tactic was to end democracy and have one strong dictator, Hitler. They had tried democracy and it had failed. They may have gone from using force to voting into power, but that still used intimidation to put fear into people to scare people into supporting the Nazis, they acted like bullies. They tried to cause as much chaos as possible without making it obvious it was them because chaos caused democracy to fail. The Nazis tactics were to try and make it as obvious as they could they were carrying out their propaganda to try and deceive people they were honest and true, and won more votes through this. Hitler was dedicated to careful planning of his tactics to make sure everything would work, so the more power the Nazis had, the more chance Hitler stood becoming Chancellor and one step closer to ruling Germany.

The Nazi ideas were often fanatical and eccentric, usually affecting a lot of people. The strongest idea was most likely to be the strong hatred they had for
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