The Reasons Of School Uniform Policy In Public Schools

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Wearing uniform to school have increased of the years, although some schools have not adopted the school uniform policy. Administrators and staff believe that wearing uniform have made schools safer for students, have improved school attendance and increased student achievement, and have reduced the changes of students being bullied. However, others have argued that wearing uniforms have not improve student behavior and wearing the uniform have infringed on student’s freedom of individuality. This essay will explain the importance of adopting a school uniform policy, why all public schools should have a uniform dress code, and how wearing uniform will provide a unified school environment. Therefore, all public schools should adopt a school uniform policy because, it uses will help to reduce bullying, provide a safer learning environment, and help to recognize gang affiliated members. School Uniform Policy
The school uniform policy has been an issue in the school systems for years, and there seem to be no straightforward answer to the problems that schools are facing, such as violence, gang activities, and bullying. Many public schools have adopted the uniform policy, while others have not. School uniforms are a great benefit for students and faculty that would provide a sense of security for students and staff. Some administrators believe that uniforms create a safer learning environment, improve discipline, and raise academic achievement. Although, opponents of

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