The Reasons People Become Homeless

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The Reasons People Become Homeless The United States is a country of wealth, prosperity, and opportunity, yet a large number of people are still homeless. Many people become homeless or lose their houses for different reasons. In Maryland alone, more than 50,000 people experience homelessness annually (Health Care). Before families or individuals become homeless, they go through a series of devastating occurrences that are mostly unintentional and sudden. Some people become homeless from causes such as a family dispute, divorce, substance abuse, loss of a job, or gambling. While all of these issues and many others are contributing factors in homelessness, anyone can become homeless at any time, and some of the most prominent causes are mental disorders, domestic violence, and financial stress from illness. One of the contributing factors in homelessness is mental illness. In many cases, before people become homeless, a mental illness disorder has occurred, which might result in loss of employment. Between 20 and 25 percent of homeless people in the United States, suffer from mental illness (Quigley). Mental illness is what caused the homelessness of David Pirtle from Phoenix, Arizona, becoming homeless. He was working as a restaurant manager before he began to suffer from schizophrenia disorder. Because of his disorder, he was unable to retain a job. For over a year, Pirtle lived on the streets in Washington, DC. To survive everyday life he resorted to shoplifting among
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