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It is commonly assumed that if a person has a desire, he or she must also care about it. After all, some people desire to be the best academically or athletically, which would draw to the conclusion that he or she cares about academics or athletics. In The Reasons to Love, however, Harry Frankfurt argues that if a person has a desire it does not necessarily mean that he or she cares for or even about it. He discusses how there is an obvious correlation between the two, but really focuses on explaining the difference. In this paper, I will defend Frankfurt’s argument. Frankfurt suggests that desiring something often relates to only a specific moment or something that benefits oneself. He uses the example of a person who has free time and decides…show more content…
Since it is known that desire is easily manipulated, cares must be the opposite. In support of his position, Frankfurt argues that, “When a person cares about something, on the other hand, he is willingly committed to his desire. The desire does not move him either against his will or without his endorsement. He is not its victim; nor is he passively indifferent to it.” His point here is that cares can be categorized as not a desire, but a more powerful one. Cares are things that do not go away easily and are continuously wanted and thought about. Frankfurt adds, “Besides wanting to fulfill his desire, then, the person who cares about what he desires wants something else as well: he wants the desire to be sustained.” Furthermore, Frankfurt believes that cares are what you want to want, where as desires are just what you want. I agree with Frankfurt that there are similarities as well as differences between cares and desires. Additionally, I agree that it is possible to care for something because it is an important desire, but also I agree that it is more common than not to have a desire and not truly care for it. Once we have understood Frankfurt’s point about cares being developed desires and how they cannot be manipulated, it is clear that his claim of desires not necessarily being cared for must be true, since desires are easily manipulated and are outweighed by

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