The Reasons Why Cuban Government Permits Non Cuban Workers From The United States And Other Nations

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In spite of existential flaws and errors that have taken place, the deliberate persistence of Cuba’s struggling financial afflictions are an unquestionable result of vast outside restrictions placed upon them. Pressures of this scale, no doubt, would have devastated other countries. Despite a population of 11 million people, pint sized Cuba has made their mark in global politics. They’ve managed to showcase a genuine socialist revolution and have incessantly fought, defended and extended it in spite of ruthless embargos and sanctions from the United States and other nations. Introduction This is a brief examination into Cuba’s historical progression and their constant political struggles with the government, the people of Cuba, and…show more content…
Columbus found native people whom relied on farming crops such as tobacco, cassava, maize and yams. Diego Velasquez seized Cuba in 1511 and developed many plantations throughout the country. The native people of Cuba, whom lacked resistance to evils of the world, fell ill to many European diseases. Early in the 1500s the Spanish started smuggling slaves into the borders of Cuba. By the late 1800s, Cuba had begun to prosper through farming and exporting of sugar cane. Much of this success was due to the large amount of slaves living on the plantations. The 19th century brought about the movement for independence. In 1868, a landowner, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, set his slaves free causing the start of the Ten Years War. That war ended in failure in 1878. By 1886 slavery was brought to an end across Cuba. The year 1895 records the Second War of Independence. The United States of America found itself at war with Spain in 1898. United States military invaded the coasts of Cuba forcing Spain to surrender. A peace treaty was written that forced Spain to surrender their claim on Cuba. The United States occupied Cuba for four years after that war. The US departed Cuba in 1902, with the assumption that Cuba was an independent country however in actuality Cuba found itself subjugated by the USA. The 20th century brought about labors to revolutionize Cuba, however in spite of those
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