The Reasons Why English Should Be Considered As a Mandatory Course

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English As A Mandatory Course: There are some who wonder whether English should be a mandatory course for all university students. Since the responsibility of a university is to graduate productive members of society, there are several substantiating factors as to why English should be a mandatory course. First, it's important to note that we live at a time when English is the second most widely spoken language in the world, second only to Chinese. Actually, approximately sixty countries across the globe recognize English as the sole, or one of several official languages. While China's over 1.3 billion population means Chinese is spoken by more people on earth, the adoption of English by so many countries means it is more widespread than Chinese. This is particularly in terms of geographical regions where diverse populations can easily carry out a conversation in English. In a world that is now considered a virtual global village, English has readily become the predominant language used to conduct official communications, education, and business. For this very reason any student that expects to be relevant, competent, and marketable to the larger world must be proficient in English. Indeed, media estimates that in China there are presently about 30,000 organizations or companies offering private English classes. Therefore China will soon be geared towards becoming the largest English speaking country in the world. This has great implications on a student's aspirations to
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