The Reasons Why I Serve My Country

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The reasons why I serve my country
Although my reasons for serving this great country are almost endless, there are two primary reasons that brought me into the United States (US) Army. These reasons are duty and family tradition. This essay will expound upon these core reasons that have allowed me to work in a profession I love for the past ten years. My story for joining starts out the same as many other military members, on September 11th, 2001. As a freshman at Arkansas State University, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After September 11th it was very clear what I needed to do, but not exactly how to arrive at that point. Fortunately, my father worked at the university and saw a perfect opportunity to introduce me to the Army ROTC cadre. Three years later I was reporting to Fort Benning, Georgia for Infantry Officer Basic Course. The foremost reason why I joined and still serving is duty. As a citizen of the US it is my honor that I am allowed to serve and defend this land. Duty is about serving in something greater than yourself, bettering yourself in the process, and helping others along the way.
Since I have been active duty, I have had an affinity for knowing people and their pasts. Subsequently, one question I always ask Soldiers is what brought them to join the military. A small fraction dared to say the benefits, however an overwhelming majority gave reasons of nothing more than they loved their country. Some of the stories were so…

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