The Reasons Why Orcas Should Not Be Held Captivity

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Janeth Jackson Ms. Nero English 1113 5 October 2015 How would you feel if you lived your life in fear daily? What about being taken from your family, just so you can become entertainment for someone else? It is hard for one to envision such barbaric acts. This is not something orcas, also known as killer whales, envision but rather a daily fear that one day can possibly come true. Orcas have been kept in captivity since 1961. There have been numerous amounts of orcas captured from the wild since than. These innocent and helpless orcas have been snatched from their families, and forced to live with other orcas who are not part of their family. By looking at the documentary, Blackfish, one can see the many reasons why orcas should not be held in captivity. One major reason why orcas should not be held in captivity is because orcas are a family oriented type species. Orcas are extremely social animals. Orcas are very close to their family. For example, when SeaWorld orca catchers came to capture orcas in the year 1977, John Crowe, one of the orca catcher’s, said, “When we took the baby orcas and left the adults, the adults huddled in a circle and made noises to the baby orcas that were being taken away.” He also stated, “We dropped the net to let the other adult orcas go, but they stayed and huddled around the boat.” When killer whales are in captivity, they are not with their family. They are involuntary forced to live with other orcas from a different family and are
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