The Reasons Why The Judiciary System Should Not Change Laws Essay

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This question is spilt into two parts the first part being the different processes which change law need to be examined and the second part being the question that the judiciary does not actively make laws besides in opportunistic ways. To assess these two questions we need to explain the different processes which lead to law reform, a look at the parliamentary system in making laws and changing laws, The judiciary system will be reviewed to look at the impact they have on law reform and how they interpret the laws and set out precedents through their interpretation. Institutions set up by the state such as the law committee have to be looked at their input in changing the law. External institutions such as the EU will need to be examined to see the role it plays in changing laws in the country and how the judiciary system is affected by the changes.
To establish the judiciary system connection with the changing of laws their first to establish who should create laws. Laws should be created by a democratic process, it should be carried out by the government in parliament as it has political legitimacy in the the state. This makes parliament the most important source of law as it consists of elected MPs. If the population of the state does not like the laws of the land they can vote for a different government in the state have similar views to their own.

The reasons why the judiciary system should not change laws is that the Judiciary system is independent from other…