The Reasons Why The Ottoman Empire Essay

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The Byzantine empire had its start in 330 AD with Constantine moving the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire to Constantinople, present day Istanbul. This created a capital in which nearly no one could fully siege control over for centuries. This all changed on April 5,1453 when Sultan Mehmed II, ruler of the Ottoman Empire, determined that he would defeat the Byzantine Empire and take Constantinople, took action and marched to the city. After a 54 day siege, on Tuesday, May 29,1453, Sultan Mehmed II and the Muslim Turks breached the walls of the city and brought the last Roman empire crumbling to its knees. The reasons why the Ottoman Empire was able to bring down what once was the greatest empire in the world was due to a proper financial backing and assistance from allies, greater number of troops, better technological advancements, the type of leader Sultan Mehmed II was, and strategy. In 1451, Sultan Mehmed II, later known as Mehmed the Conquerer, started his second reign of power of the Ottoman Empire. From the very beginning, he declared “it was his aim to take the city of Constantinople, no matter what the cost.” This was challenging due to the ginormous layered walls surrounding the Byzantine peninsula. First, the city was surrounded by a moat and a layer of wall, then a “second or middle wall rising above thirty feet” with 96 towers, and then the third and biggest wall rising up to “40 feet high and 15 feet thick [with] 96 towers each about 60
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