The Reasons for Gang Membership

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Introduction The reasons as to why people join gangs are many and varied. Indeed, this has over time proven to be an issue of interest amongst many developmental psychologists. Familiarizing ourselves with the various reasons for gang membership could ease the development of programs meant to bring down the number of individuals joining gangs. Further, this could in the long-term turn out to be a step in the right direction as far as the suppression of gang activity is concerned. It is important to note that there exists an urgent need to discourage membership to gangs given the damage such groupings occasion to the society. Apart from raising crime rates, gangs are in most cases also blamed for encouraging drug use given the role they play in drug trade. It is however important to note that though quite a number of reasons have been advanced in an attempt to explain why individuals join gangs, the role household instability plays in influencing gang membership is more often than not underplayed. This effectively means that in seeking to explain the various reasons for gang membership, issues like the need for protection, economic benefit, influence from friends etc have been given more prominence than household instability. In basic terms, household instability can be explained using wide range of scenarios. Generally, family stability has to do with all those factors within the family which contribute towards the healthy development of a child. In that regard,
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