The Reasons for and Solutions to the Bribery Issues Among Chinese Companies

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The Reasons for and Solutions to the Bribery Issues among Chinese Companies In September 2013, a former Politburo member, Xilai Bo, was sentenced to life imprisonment for embezzlement, bribery and abuse of power. With millions of dollars of bribery money, this Chinese communist leader got the punishment of spending the rest of his life in prison, and also brought influential stress and trust problem in China (The Economist, 2013). This incidence also have drawn international’s attention, with such negative reputation a question mark has been put on China’s trust worship, consequently is also weakening of China’s international position and power. Corruption has always been a worldwide focus, with bribery one of the leading problems…show more content…
The change starts with an improvement of educational system in urban areas since mid-1990s, and the improvement schedules of rural regions are projected but not yet started. However the efforts are way not enough for Chinese market. Avenarius Christine & Xudong Zhao (2012) present in their research that urban areas in china has enforced its education system on this issue – courses specifically focus on behaviors and ethics have been added to the 12-year education system, and they have been implemented in order to enhance people’s awareness and understanding of bribery at teenage years; yet the rural areas are still at the initiation stage of this incidence. Although the two groups still have a huge gap in the awareness level of the bribery issue, at least Chinese society has giving efforts to this subject. The major hamper for Chinese society as a whole to attain the right attitude towards bribery is their culture impact. They are reflected by the fact that a dilemma has occurred with “traditional ideas about reciprocity require them to give something in return for assistance, yet socialist ethics of

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