The Reasons of Plagiarism

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Identify the main reasons why university students plagiarise in English speaking countries. Present an argument and support with evidence from academic sources Part 1 Plagiarism is the act of using another’s work without appropriate acknowledgement, is often grouped with other cheating behaviour such as taking notes into an exam, fabricating a bibliography, lying about personal circumstances to get special consideration and other similar actions. There is a significant and growing body of literature on plagiarism in higher education( Park, C. 2003) This essay will show the reasons why students plagiarism and state different argument in different views by people . and believe that lacking of high standard of study attitude is main reason…show more content…
Most student who have attended top university are relied their insistent hard working through years. “I never plagiarism not because of avoid punishment just because I don’t want to cheat myself .” 2rd year graduate, Physics . Mily from Oxford Univerisity. But situation in some relative low quality University is quite different. For example, a study by Lim and See (2001) based in Singapore, which they describe as ‘one of the most competitive educational systems in the world’, found that students ‘are morally ambivalent about academic cheating and are rather tolerant of dishonesty among their peers. On the issue of whether cheating behaviors should be reported…a majority of students chose to take the expedient measure of ignoring the problem rather than to blow the whistle on their peers’. Motivation not only important in University but also in future working area . the reason less adult cheating than student is they not only have strong motivation but also take plagiarism seriously . they realize they are truly participating in the society and nonsense to do such cheating thing . For example , many studies have shown that academic staff and students have very different attitudes towards cheating and plagiarism (Stern & Havlicek, 1986; Anderson & Obershain, 1994; Roth & McCabe, 1995; Higbee & Thomas, 2000). Evans & Craig (1990) uncovered general agreement between high school students and staff that cheating is a serious problem, but
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