The Rebellion: A Personal Statement

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Short story These are my personal thoughts and it actually feels good to know that I am finally acting on account of what I think. I decided that I am going to get actively involved in the rebellion that recently started in my hometown and this it is my responsibility to fight for myself and for my people. For the last decades we were forced to stand back and watch as our leaders took advantage of us and as there was nothing that we could do unless we got together in a united front meant to emphasize the power of the people. It finally happened: the rebellion started two months ago and I've finally seen the lengths that our leaders are willing to go to punish whoever is courageous enough to go against them. It's my fifth day in this community and I have been provided with a special mission one that I feel is the most important jobs in my life. I personally have to admit that I was not negatively affected by our leaders, but I have seen people suffering greatly because of the fact that their actions were limited and because they were robbed of the right to express themselves freely. Here I go out on the streets: gun in my right hand and my left hand holding the improvised explosive device that I was given by the rebellion's leader, Cornell. I do not know these men individually, but I appreciate them because of their passion and because they seem very determined to remove our country's corrupt leaders. We are all friends as long as we are fighting a common enemy and
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