The Rebellion Of Mother, By Mary Wilkins Freeman

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The Power of a Woman “The Revolt of ‘Mother,’” by Mary Wilkins Freeman, originally published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1890 (Gale 1997) it gives readers a view into the life of a woman who is struggling with how to be correct and proper yet, remain true to herself. While some may see Sarah’s actions as signs of weakness they are actually showing her strength. She is a woman who, in spite of the restrictions placed on her because of her gender shows the power of a woman by, knowing when to pick her battles, showing love for her family by serving them, and following her heart to make the hard decisions regardless of the opposition. The opening scene has Sarah Penn picks her battles in a conversation with her husband. A glimpse is given of Adoniram, the husband’s feelings about the conversation he knows is coming. It must have been a familiar battle between them; he is unwilling to discuss, and she is unwilling to leave until she gets answers. She exudes a quiet strength, as she stands waiting, her physical characteristics are described “But her eyes, fixed upon the old man, looked as if the meekness had been the result of her own will, never the will of another.” (Freeman 145). She is a woman who understands the rules of society regarding her gender and she knows when and where to pick her battles. Later in the story, Sarah again shows strength in knowing when to pick her battles with her husband. She speaks up when she must and stays silent when she recognizes the…
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