The Rebellion Of The Gabriel Rebellion

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The Gabriel Rebellion was a revolt organized in the summer of 1800 by a man whom many call Gabriel Prosser. His last name was derived from his master, Thomas Prosser. The main objective of the revolt was to fight for the freedom of black slaves held within the state of Virginia. However, the revolt did not materialize because word spread around before the plan could be executed. Immediately after the governor got wind of the revolt, security was beefed up around Richmond where the uprising had been planned to start. Nonetheless, the rebellion had an impact on the treatment of slaves in Virginia. For instance, the unrestricted movement of slaves within the state was banned along with the practice of hiring out slaves. The government also enacted a law that prohibited freed slaves from staying within the state boundaries for more than twelve months. Taking everything into account, although the Gabriel Rebellion did not materialize, it did change the manner in which slaves were treated and hastened their emancipation.
Gabriel the Organizer
Gabriel Prosser, the man behind the rebellion, was a literate blacksmith who could be hired out to other slave-owners because of his expertise (Ford 49). As a result, he was free to move around compared to other slaves. History accounts of Gabriel Prosser paint a picture of a man who would readily cause trouble any day. It is alleged that he had bit the ear of a white farmer whom he had gotten into a scuffle with, and organized another…

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