The Rebellion Of The Mid 1960s

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Rebels with a Cause
During the mid-1960s, various racially driven riots descended upon Northern urban centers and blanketed the cities with violence and destruction. Historians have long debated the cause of these riots and whether they were actually riots, or rebellions against America’s prevalent racial polarization in urban areas. Some historians categorize the uprisings as unnecessary riots that stemmed from the increasing black militancy, ghetto residents lack of responsibility for their own difficulty, and a lack of attention towards the needs of whites. However, this claim fails to acknowledge the deep racial divisions across America and the pervasiveness of economic inequality between blacks and whites. The uprisings of the mid-1960s were a insurgence against decades of brutality, humiliation, and unfairness, rather than a riot. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a rebellion as an, “[o]pen or determined defiance of or resistance to any authority, controlling power, or convention.” The uprisings that occurred during the mid-1960s sought to defy the systematic neglect and exclusion towards blacks in a society that whites largely dominated and controlled. The riots that erupted in the mid-1960s were a rebellion against the tribulations blacks endured, specifically police brutality, de facto segregation, and economic inequality and marginalization.
The poor relationship between police and black urban residents due to mutual mistrust, police brutality, and inadequate

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