The Rebirth Of Caste By Michelle Alexander

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In Chapter, one The Rebirth of Caste examines the history of racial social control in the United States. Alexander refers to the shifting forms and habitual patterns of "racial caste" system. She vies that proponents of "racial hierarchy" have been able to guarantee its recurrence after effective ends following the end of slavery and the dismantling of the original Jim Crow. She describes the starting point of it all is to bring about the separation of the poor whites and blacks; creating a hierarchy in the United States social class. The author believes this is possible largely, by appealing to the biases and uncertainties of lower-class whites. This caste-based system has existed in three different forms: slavery, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration. Alexander’s important influence is to show how each of these forms was brought about deliberately and how, in its latest form of mass incarceration, the caste system continues to achieve its aims of segregation. Michelle Alexander begins chapter one with what amounts to a critical race summary of how African American were put into slavery by the political elites that made a separation of black and lower class whites after the Bacon Rebellion. After the Bacon rebellion plantation owners decided to ship in slaves from Africa instead of slaves or indentured servants from Europe because they thought that the African slaves would be less likely to form an alliance with the poor whites and the white indentured servants. She
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