The Recent State Legislation And The Rulings In Courts,

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The recent state legislation and the rulings in courts, eight states allow students to carry concealed weapons on postsecondary campuses, with Texas being one. The question exists, am I for or against campus carry? Due to the experiences of my previous military career, as a former marine, I understand some may think my views are myopic because of that part of my life. However, I will also focus on past and recent active shooter incidents that initiated the argument on methods for future prevention. In addition to exploring the counter argument against campus carry, I will also present my rebuttal of those arguments. In closing, I will amalgam on how my arguments and actual incidents reflect on my theory on behalf of campus carry.…show more content…
They proceeded to brandish a semi-automatic pistol and start shooting the nearest students. Paralyzed with fear as you witness this carnage from the rear of the class, you scramble to find an escape with negative results because the gunman is between you and the only exit. He continues to shoot more and more students as he closes in on you. As he turns and aims the pistol at you, the percentages of your survival are very small. Because you are in the number of the decease, you never know that he killed 30 students. This is a no campus carry situation. Now take this same scenario with one added variable. Campus carry is in effect on your campus, and the student next to you who has been cordial and friendly is just like any other student. However, when the unknown individual enters the classroom and starts shooting the first couple of students, the classroom breaks out in panic, the friendly; cordial student stands and brandishes a pistol you never knew he had. He takes careful aim, and with one or two well-aimed shots stops the killer after shooting one or two students. No scenario where life is loss is never good; however, which scenario has the better outcome for you? If you’ve never been in a life threatening situation involving a firearm where only the perpetrator is armed, and you’re against campus carry. You may be revisit that opinion if you survive. The counter argument from those opposed to Campus Carry are valid
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