The Recent Terrorist Attacks Of Paris And San Bernardino

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Has the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino affected migration worldwide? Migration has taken place since the beginning of time. Today, people migrate to new countries for many reasons: poverty, armed conflict, social strife, political turmoil, and economic hardships (Root Causes of Migration - Fact Sheet). The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino has had an major influence on the current migration patterns which has affected the world economically, politically, culturally, and socially. In the history of terrorist attacks, the most recent ones were in Paris and San Bernardino. On November 13, 2015, shooting and bombings in the city of Paris left 129 dead (Prial). This immediately began to reverberate on Europe’s vexed migration debate and prompted criticism of its policies in the Middle East (Foy and Hille). Less than a month later on December 2nd, Tashfeen Malik helped kill 14 people at a holiday party in San Bernardino. She was born in Pakistan, and gained legal permanent resident status last year after she married Syed Rizwan Farook, her co-conspirator in the deadly shooting (Linthicum and Carcamo). This attack brought new attention to the previously obscure K1 visa program, with some advocates for stricter immigration enforcement calling for investigations into the nation’s visa screening process and calling for the U.S. to halt its Syrian refugee program (Linthicum and Carcamo). Last year, the State Department approved about
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