The Reckless Behavior of Teenagers

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Teenagers are seen as idiotic, reckless, and terrible when it comes to making grown up decisions. Jeffrey Arnett, describes teenagers as egocentric, self-centered. “Adolescents are able to imagine their own lives in a magnified and grandiose way, and may see themselves as having a specially ordained existence (Arnett, Jeffrey).” While teenagers are busy imaging what their lives can be, they pay no attention to the present, to the ways their futures can be derailed, such as, drugs, death, and legal prosecution. All of these things fit under one broad term, reckless behavior. Not every teenager portrays reckless behavior, but majority of teenagers are defined that way by society. In the United States, juveniles were involved in at least 680…show more content…
Frontline, a documentary introduces the story of José, a fifteen year old boy who was one of five juveniles who took part in a deadly brawl. José was brought up in a rough life, his father being a drug addict to eventually disappearing, and his mother who also disappeared from his life. José took part in a quickly escalated fight, which included crushing the skull of an immigrant, after being repeatedly beaten. This delinquent activity was not random for José. José had been in the system since he was twelve years old. (Frontline) When it came down to the final sentencing for José, he was let off easy, being sentenced to only 208 days in a Juvenile Hall. This young boy took part in a murder, taking the life of another individual, and was giving an unnecessary “deal” because of his age. He was not even charged with murder, but with involuntary manslaughter. (Frontline) Because of this justice will not correctly be served for the victim, and most importantly the victims’ family who everyday has to deal with the emotional pain, caused by José’s decision of acting out. It could be that some find that José was charged fairly and correctly. Many might feel as though he had the right to act out because he grew up rough, with no role model to follow. Though the crime he committed was wrong, there is a chance he could change with some help and guidance. Since José is so young, there are many ideas of things that could be done for him, such as foster care with a stable
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