The Recognition of Shakuntala

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Martina Guerra Response #1 "The Recognition Of Shakuntala" by Kalidasa Translated by Arthur W. Ryder 1/23/2013 The Recognition of Shakuntala The Recognition of Shakuntala is a story of how a young girl, Shakuntala falls in love with a King, King Dushyanta. The King runs into Shakuntala and her friends in the midst of a deer hunt. When Shakuntala first seen the king, she was instantly attracted to him. She felt butterflies in her stomach from just his presence, alone. The King was instantly attracted to her as well. He recited poetry about her continuously throughout Act One. "Her arms are tender shoots; her lips Are blossoms red and warm; Bewitching youth begins to flower; In beauty on her form." He also states: "To beauty such…show more content…
If the child has the royal birthmarks she will know that she is telling the truth. That plan fails and she is sent away. The king later discovers the ring, by a fisherman, the man explains that he finds it in the river. The king smells the ring, it smells like decaying fish. He realizes the fisherman is telling the truth, and Shakuntala was as well. But Shakuntala is gone, its too late. He later sees her and his son in Hindu Heaven and he recognizes her there. The Protagonist of this play is Shakuntala. Initially she wants love and later she wants to prove to the king that she is truly his wife. The person that is most in the way of her wants is Durvasa. He has a short temper, and he got angry when Shakuntala did not welcome him in as a guest. She was too busy thinking about the King, and her love for him. He became angry and placed the curse on the king so that he wouldn 't remember her. The conflict is that the king does not remember her. He tells her that she may stay until the baby is born so that he may see if the baby is born with the royal birthmarks, but after the baby was born, he still did not trust that she was his wife. Shakuntala was still sent away in spite of him seeing the baby. The themes in the play are of love, and loyalty and power. I see a connection of this story with Christianity. God doesn 't like for anyone to put someone before him. He doesn 't like for anyone to make false idols. I believe Shakuntala made the King an idol. In this sense I see
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