The Reconciliation Of The Ba

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Reconciliation of the BA in SCMT Program Objectives/Topic
Program Objective: Identify organizational security risk exposure; identify cost-effective mitigation strategies; and prepare for recovery strategies.
Response: Nearly every organization on the planet has a security procedure regarding privacy. But due to the overwhelming shift to digital information, this practice is more important and far more of a threat than in previous years. However, due to the capabilities of both, internal and external threats, no universal set of security procedures has been established.
In terms of technology, the offensive capabilities have become far more sophisticated than the defensive capabilities. However, this hasn’t dissuaded the development of defensive measures to combat this threat. One of the most common defensive measures is establishing a “probability/threat matrix”. Which is successfully completed by identifying the assets of the cyber privacy system and calculating the probability of loss. This allows security managers to rank the threats to their cyber privacy guidelines to aid in establishing effective strategies.
The most common ways in which security managers attempt to mitigate cyber privacy concerns is by access control of information, regulation and guidelines, breach notification systems, employee training and continued education, and the hiring process. The hiring process focuses on the internal threat, whereas, the majority of the others attempt to mitigate and
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