The Reconstruction Era Was A Time For America To Heal,

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The Reconstruction Era was a time for America to heal, a time to recuperate and move forward, but certain things take longer than others. One issue that took tremendous effort was the advancement of African-Americans. Freedman were freed by law, but still mentally, socioeconomically, and socially bonded to oppression. Even after the Civil War ended, the fight wasn’t over; there was a war within the government itself, and a greater fight for freedman to achieve economic freedom without barriers. As the Reconstruction Era went on, any implementations used to help the freedman become successful and active in society disadvantaged them, giving leverage to whites labeling them as lazy and making the whites worker harder. One step to…show more content…
Although Democrats didn’t want African-Americans to receive a helping hand, the ultimate mission of the Bureau was working. “The statistical reports prepared…show a steady and healthy decrease…of dependents from month to month” (Hewitt & Lawson, 434). In spite of the work of the Bureau and sharecropping, freed people still lacked what they wanted most; economic sovereignty. Democrats, Republicans, and African-Americans during the Reconstruction Era had three different perspectives of freedom, and what efforts needed to be made to make everyone in the country unite. Everyone got what he or she wanted in the end except for African-Americans. Democrats were given the industry of sharecropping, Republicans “helped” the freed people, but African- Americans were still inferior and treated as slaves. Freedmen were able to work and become citizens, but where they truly free once slavery ended. The Democrats were still in despair after they lost the Civil War, and wanted African-Americans under their control as before. White supremacists in the South saw no humanity in black people, and tried numerous ways to oppress blacks. Freedom of the freed people to Democrats was only the end of slavery and physical bondage, but saw them still as inferior and work animals. Democrats valued the work and advantage that blacks gave them, but didn’t value their integrity or moral right to free. Once their worst nightmare came true: life without slaves,
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