The Reconstruction Era after the Civil War

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The Reconstruction Era The Reconstruction Era was looked upon with much optimism, considering that abolitionists and African Americans believed that this process would make it possible for them to achieve their goals. The project was generally meant to assist the South in reintegrating in the Union and in assisting African Americans to become equal to white individuals in the U.S. The Freedmen were apparently one of the main missions that the Reconstruction was designed for and it actually seemed that things would be much better for black people when considering the degree of discrimination that they suffered until that time. The end of the Civil War seemed to be a glorious time and African Americans were especially confident that things would change significantly when considering their position in the country. Lincoln's experiments with providing slaves with land further reinforced their hopes and influenced them in considering that racism would no longer be a pressing problem under the circumstances. Individuals supporting the Reconstruction got actively engaged in helping any way that they could and they actually played an important role in helping society understand that it needed to refrain from discriminating African Americans. The eleven seceding states were believed to have learned an important lesson and everything seemed to be getting back to normal, with the principal exception being that African Americans had become equal to white people. In spite of the
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