The Reconstruction Period from 1865 to 1877 Essay

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From 1865 to 1877, the United States underwent an era of political complexity and social turbulence known as Reconstruction (Tindell). This period of American history generated extensive implications for life of Americans (Tindell). The main goal of the Reconstruction was to rebuild a devasted South after the abolition of slavery, disruptions of the economy due to the war, and the tremendous amounts of deaths left it in near ruins (Tindell).
The first question at hand was to decide which governments would uphold authority in the South (Tindell). President Abraham Lincoln created a plan for regular governments in the states that were or might have been discharged from Confederate rule (Tindell). This plan was known as the Proclamation of
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Those States have not gone out of the Union. Therefore reconstruction is not necessary” (Tindell). His plan was similar to Lincoln’s (Tindell). Johnson’s plan for readmitting the states called for each state to require a native Unionist as a provisional governer (Tindell). This governor would have the authority to call a convention of men who were elected by local voters (Tindell). These conventions were to abolish slavery, repudiate all debts caused by helping the Confederacy, and to nullify the secession regulations (Tindell). Johnson also issued a new Proclomation of Amnesty in May of 1865 that excluded everybody with taxable property worth more that $20,000 along with those groups that Lincoln barred from pardon (Tindell). This new group was allowed to make special applications for pardon that were sent directly to the president which resulted in Johnson issuing approximately 13,000 pardons before the year ended (Tindell).
The Radical Republicans, on the other hand, favored a different approach to the restoration. They believed in giving freed slaves full citizenship in hopes of completely transforming the southern society (Tindell). They hoped to dismantle the Democratic party and the planter elite (Tindell). They helped to pass the Wade-Davis Bill in 1864 that would have required a majority of white male citizens to declare their allegiance (Tindell). It also required

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