The Reconstructive Obama Essay

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The Reconstructive Obama It is ambiguous as to how President Barrack Obama shapes our politics in terms of our political regime, but it can be determined through the present outcomes of his leadership today. In The Politics Presidents Make, by Stephen Skowronek, describes that there is a life-cycle of inaugurated presidents through the history of the United States. A political regime is defined as a full cycle of presidents that induce change in our politics until it is repeated again. Through this, it is possible to determine where President Obama would stand in our political time. Skowronek also mentions four leadership categories in which past presidents are placed in: politics of reconstruction, politics of disjunction, politics of…show more content…
The opposed leader is more independent from previously established commitments and can more easily justify his exercise of power. By understanding the concept of Skowronek’s phases in a political regime in relation to the president’s party, affiliated or opposed, it is now possible to explain Skowronek’s recurrent structure of presidential authority. The first category of presidential leadership is the politics of reconstruction. This is when the new inaugurated president is of the opposition party to the previous regime party and “the pre-established commitments of ideology and interests, have in the course of events, become vulnerable to direct repudiation as failed or irrelevant responses to the problems of the day.” A reconstructive president is of the opposition party and is inaugurated in times of vulnerability. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt are examples of reconstructive presidents. Reconstructive presidents radicalize their reform effort by increased criticism of the previous regime and by increasing their party-building efforts to search for new coalition partners. By doing this, it allows the president to build a stable pillar of support

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