The Record Of Praxis Experience

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Record Of Praxis Experience: - Introduction$ It is my belief that no matter how arduous a problem there always exists a solution to that problem and it is the essence of great engineering design to keep on striving for more efficient and effective solution no matter how great the present design may be as there is no limit on the number of ways current engineering design can be improved. Throughout this RoPE is a reflection of my numerous engineering design endeavors and how each experience contributed to my current definition of engineering design. Artifact 1: Teardowns$ Product Teardowns Taking apart commercial products to evaluate quality of design decisions We dismantled two objects in studio: a Mixer, and a Portable Heater. The…show more content…
Our design brief was about developing a product, which would promote autonomous play outdoors, a key factor in a child’s social, emotional and physical. It layed out parameters for the design of a product to assuage parental fears and encourage outdoor play. I played a major part in the iterative process and the stages of brainstorming involving diverging and finally the selection of the product alongside my teammates. This experience enhanced my ability to examine any situation and reframe it by concentrating on the problem from the viewpoint of the major stake holders, which is a vital step in the engineering design process. Reframing can be deployed as a means to restrain designers or guide them to focus on particular attributes by providing them with criteria and constraints. Artifact 3: CDR-Music Stand $ Conceptual Design Project: Implementation of Footrest to stabilize portable music stands This was a principle deliverable in our design course, Praxis I. We were required to reframe a design brief presented to us by a different team On the reframe, we assessed the key stakeholders ' (orchestra and musicians) needs. We went through several stages divergence and convergence after finally converging to a final
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