The Recording Aspect Of The Taping Assignment Allowed Me

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The recording aspect of the taping assignment allowed me to understand the process and value of advocacy. As I was hearing myself speak about oppression and the impact it has on individuals and communities, it allowed me to process my thoughts differently than through a typical writing assignment. I came to the realization that advocacy begins one individual at a time, that a dialogue is the simple first step to solving systems of oppression. Unfortunately, the value of advocacy in my recording lost its value because I wrote a script in advance as opposed to an impromptu recording. The reading of paper on the recording also did not allow me to veer off into a train of thought, which made it sound inauthentic or robotic. Whereas, the…show more content…
If I had the opportunity to redo the taping assignment I would have done the recording impromptu (without a script) in order to see the struggle in answering these questions. This assignment made me realize that being honest and true to yourself is imperative and that we should not conform to societal norm. Advocacy begins at honest and open communication between yourself primarily. Because, in the end, if we all simply ‘look up the answers on Google’ we will all reach the same conclusions. Part Two One of the ways I am addressing a social (and personal) concerns in Montreal is through promoting a positive alliance between Jews and Arabs in Montreal. The Arab-Israeli conflict has always been an international issue (not a local one). While the conflict is a global concern, it is also a local responsibility to promote positive alliance between the two countries. I took part in designing a Syrian Refugee Group for the recently arrived refugees in Canada. The Syrian Refugee Project emerged from one of my Social Work classes where our group used academic literature, theories and frameworks to create the group. Shortly after, my classmates and I launched the project in a community organization in Montreal. Although the goal of the group itself is to help the Syrian refugees integrate into Canada, my goal, as a representative of the Jewish community is to create a positive alliance between Jews and Arabs. One of the barriers I face is the religious values

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