The Recovery Model Of Mental Health

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In today’s society, many people are begin diagnosed with, treated and recovering from mental health issues. Mental health issues are growing rapid pace. The increase of mental health disorders communities are struggling to keep up with the demand. Communities are also struggling to keep up with information and facts that surround mental health and recovery. The recovery model can be implemented into to a community setting but first we have to understand why it is important model and what it is. With crucial education the community can benefit from the recovery model which can help reduce or dissolve the stigma that surrounding mental illness and allow for growth or the mental health population and recovery population. Often time’s mental illness and recovery can go hand in hand. The recovery model is about bring change to the community in regards to mental health. This is not an old style of thinking but rather a new way of thinking, a new plan, different approach to handling and treating mental health illness and the community as a whole. The recovery model helps people return to a place where they can live a productive and functioning life; it does not believe in institutionalizing and medicating people as primary form of treatment and management for mental health illness. “The concept of mental health recovery has been evident in consumers/ survivor writing in the late 1980s” (Onken, Craig, Ridgeway, Ralph, and Cook, 2007). Defining what the Recovery model is an
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