The Recovery Room And Hear The Steady Beep Of The Vitals Machine

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I step into the recovery room and hear the steady beep of the vitals machine. My bone marrow donor is wide awake and sitting up in bed; he is in recovery following his marrow stem cell donation. I immediately notice his beaming smile, a sharp contrast to the drab hospital room and a remarkable reaction considering all he has been through that morning. I sit down and speak to him to assess his health and ensure he is recovering as expected. His first question for me is not about his own health, but the health of another patient to whom he has been willing to donate, a person he doesn’t know, has never met, and may never even have the opportunity to communicate with depending on where they are being treated. I assure him that his donated cells have been processed and transported successfully, but we will not know anything specific about the recovery of his recipient for about another 30 days. He relaxes his body back slightly on the hospital bed and continues to smile. I haven’t told him anything he doesn’t already know, yet a sense of fulfillment seems to wash over and emanate from him. His contentment is infectious. When I began my work as a donor coordinator for unrelated stem cell transplants at Georgetown University Hospital in August 2014, I did not expect to become so deeply affected by various aspects of my job. Certainly, I’ve been moved by my donors’ selflessness, their generosity, and their altruism. But what has impressed me the most is their sheer enthusiasm

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