The Recovery of Nevada

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Nevada Description Nevada was admitted into the United States in 1864. The primary geographical landmark of this state is the Great Basin Desert national park, causing over 80 percent of Nevada's land to be owned and managed by the federal government. Nevada borders five states and is one of the states that connects to from the "Four Corners." Nevada also has the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Rocky Mountains as its major landmarks. Most of the population resides in two regions, Washoe County and Clark County. These two counties are separated by 450 miles. Nevada does not levy an income tax and is instead dependant on the gaming and tourism industries for its tax revenue. Nevada also depends heavily on these industries along with federal activities (including military bases and training sites), mining, warehousing, manufacturing, and agriculture for its jobs. In 2010, gaming revenues reached an all-time low in Nevada, resulting in a 14 percent decline from 2009. As of June 2010, unemployment is at 22 percent and Nevada is listed as the state with the highest foreclosure rate in the United States. Influences Nevada possesses a conservative government base with a constitution granting the most power possible to the citizens of Nevada. With this perspective in place, the government drastically cut funding and balanced the Nevada government's budget to a realistic amount in 2010, reducing overall spending by 17 percent. The primary emphasis for state spending has
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