The Recreation Assistant Supervisor Writing Exercise

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“Recreation Assistant Supervisor Writing Exercise” 1. Choosing a career that you enjoy going to daily is everyone 's dream. Parks and Recreation has provided that opportunity for me over the last 6 years. It presents the opportunity for me to enhance the quality of life for participants in the following ways, advancing environmental conservation efforts, health and wellness, social equity and quality programming. I pride myself in the relationships that I have built over the years by finding individuals/organizations that have the same goal in mind of serving the community. I cannot imagine myself being in another industry, this is what I put on this earth to do. 2. My short term is to advance in the field, hopefully moving up to a Recreation Assistant Supervisor for Durham Parks and Recreation or a similar role. I have learned a lot as a Recreation Specialist and I am well prepared to take this next step up in the field. Another short term goal of mine is to complete graduate school at North Carolina State University in the next two years; I begin next month with a major in Sports Management, Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Long term, I plan to obtain my CPRP certification and to eventually become a director of an agency. This has been something I have always wanted to do ever since undergrad. I know a position of this magnitude takes a lot of hard work and patience but I am confident in my abilities to make this happen. 3. Parks and Recreation

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