The Recreation Center Supervisor : How Will You Know When You Have Reached Success?

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1. As related to the position of Recreation Center Supervisor, what will success look like in the advertised position? How will you know when you have reached success?
As the Recreation Center Supervisor I will know that I reached success, when I am able to engage with children and adults of all ages. By implementing exciting programs that will impact people’s lifestyles. I will introduce programs such:
• Youth and Adults Community Garden
• Develop a Healthy Eating Program to fight child and adult obesity by promoting healthy eating education.
• Increasing physical activity
• Exposing participants to new cultural experiences such as museums, theater, concerts.
• Comprehensiveness it is important, developing an after school
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Aware of the need of a summer program in Whitakers, and Enfield I developed a 6 week summer literacy program, named “Quest to the Future”, this program is designed to meet the needs, and build on the strengths, of students who may have struggled along their literacy path. Activities for children feature cooperative play and included indoor/outdoor games, arts and crafts, healthy cooking, summer garden, aqua Zumba, taekwondo, line dancing, swimming, sewing, and field trips. Furthermore, the program focus on areas of interest: science, sports, acting, creative thinking, and performance.
The summer program housed 95 children, 40 of the child’s were from the public school migrate program and accommodated 8 children from the exceptional public school program. Curriculum was aged appropriate and developed to accommodate the children needs.
I had the opportunity of working with stakeholders, by developing a solid relationship with the Halifax and Edgecombe county public schools, including the Haliwa Saponi Tribal schools, introducing the children to a Historical Literacy program hosting over 450 elementary students during the summer of 2013 and 2014.
I had the
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