The Recreation Center Supervisor : How Will You Know When You Have Reached Success?

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1. As related to the position of Recreation Center Supervisor, what will success look like in the advertised position? How will you know when you have reached success? As the Recreation Center Supervisor I will know that I reached success, when I am able to engage with children and adults of all ages. By implementing exciting programs that will impact people lifestyles, introducing programs such: • Youth and Adults Community Garden • Develop a Healthy Eating Program to fight child and adult obesity by promoting healthy eating education. • Increasing physical activities • Exposing participants to new cultural experiences such as museums, theater, concerts to increase • Inclusiveness it is important, developing an after school Entrepreneurship Life Skills program, providing participants the opportunity to learn a skill with the support of volunteers; programs such as: 1. Hospitality 2. Cake Decorating 3. Baking 4. Culinary Art 5. Healthy cooking 6. Sewing 7. Interior Decorating 8. Music Production etc. 2. What have you done in the last 2 – 3 years to prepare yourself to assure the Rocky Mount Parks and Recreation team that you can provide success as the Recreation Center Supervisor in Recreation Services? During the past 3 years I worked as a Non-profit Community Manager and Program Development Coordinator with expertise in non- profit operations. Recognized for achievements in overall strategic planning, revenue generation, financial management, organizational
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