The Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers

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Sprinting, standing, crouching, or lying down, the soldiers focused solely on one thing: killing their enemies. With an assortment of weapons and under the influence of drugs, they carried out their jobs with ruthless efficiency. They spared no one because each side believed the other to be monsters. Kill after kill with blood on their hands, the soldiers fought on, driven by their desire for revenge and justice. To them, they were doing their country a favor, by liberating it or by protecting it. They cared not for who they had to strike down. For the hardened soldiers, remorse and guilt were long forgotten emotions. As the battle came to a conclusion, the rest of the army fled for their lives while the rebels celebrated, did drugs, and raided dead bodies. As the sun faded to darkness, the soldiers readied themselves for another day of marching and fighting. After all, this was just another typical day in their lives. However, for a large portion of the soldiers their lives had not yet reached sixteen years. They had lost their family and their innocence. They were only boys. They were children. The recruitment and use of child soldiers is still a lingering issue in the world. Primarily in third world countries, hundreds of thousands of children are forced to fight and kill others. They are utterly helpless to do anything about their situation. They live…

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