The Red And Brown Leaves Essay

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Five Foot Nine The red and brown leaves started to fall when Gwen started working at the small on campus coffee shop. Gwen was a freshman, but she was so tall, she was mistaken as a senior. Louis was a senior, but people mistook him as a freshman. People labeled him as a short person, but Louis didn’t see it. Louis would argue back that he was five foot nine. Gwen first noticed Louis during her second month working at the shop. She hadn’t had many shifts with Louis, but when she did she enjoyed him. His humor was enough to send her into fit of giggles. Louis was also very attractive. He wasn’t like most boys on campus. Louis had a curvy body, floppy brown hair, and these blue eyes that held the entire ocean in them. Gwen soon found herself signing up for any shift that Louis signed up for. She was determined to learn more about this boy. “Do professors just know when to schedule tests, so I have five tests a day?” Louis grimaced, walking into the coffee house. The bitter scent of coffee lifted his spirits. As much as he hated college, he didn’t hate his job. He enjoyed his co-workers. He loved to joke around with people. Gwen was his favorite co-worker. She was young and naïve, but she had this hidden intelligence. She was secretly tutoring Louis on all of his senior classes. She was beautiful, tall, and she was pretty funny at times. “Hello Louis, should I get your daily ‘cheer me up’ drink?” Gwen asked, popping out from the back room. “No, it is too early for
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