The Red Badge Of Courage Analysis

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War between different countries, states, and even towns has been going on for roughly 5,000 years since the first battle ever recorded which was in 2700 BCE between Sumer and Elam in Mesopotamia. Even though war has been happening for much of time, people have been asking the same question. What is the reason that someone wants to go to war? Most people believe that the main reason to go to war is for glory. In the novel, The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane exhibits many reasons that men go to war. Three of the reasons that he displays are; the feud between the North and South, and how they viewed African Americans, including their beliefs in whether slavery should be abolished or not. Also, men decided to join the army because of the honor toward their belief in what the country stands for, and finally some men go for glory, but it’s the glory of military conflict. The feud between the North and South in the Civil War is a rivalry that will never be forgotten, they both had completely different opinions on slavery and if it should be abolished or not. The North had the belief that slavery should be abolished. They had the belief that actually followed the words of the Constitution that all men should be created equal. On the other hand the South had a completely different view. The South believed that slavery should continue to be something that the United States represented themselves as. The South had the view that instead of all men should be created equal their
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